Construction adjudicator

Accredited for your peace of mind

You need to make sure that your construction adjudicator has all the relevant qualifications and experience. I have been acting as an adjudicator since 1998 and the introduction of the HGCR Act. I am an accredited adjudicator and I am on the panels Adjudicator Nominating Bodies of the Royal Institute of British Architects; the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Construction Industry Council.

Adjudication experience you can trust

Experience that you can count on is immeasurable and I believe that I have the necessary knowledge. In the past I have dealt with disputes between main contractors and sub-contractors; clients and consultants; contractors and employers. Employers have included developers and residential occupiers, and consultants have included surveyors and architects. Sums in dispute have ranged from a few thousand pounds to £750,000. The majority of my adjudications have been on documents only, I have held meetings with the parties where required by the issues and I have also inspected works on site when necessary.

Legal and quantum assistance

When an adjudication involves challenging issues I have, after advising the parties, uprovided assistance. When complex or finely balanced legal issues have arisen, I have sought the opinion of counsel. On disputes involving final account issues I have sought QS assistance to do the “number-crunching”, in order to deal with quantum in a cost-effective manner. In both circumstances, I have given the parties an opportunity to comment on third-party advice before making my decision.

Enforcement cases

I was the adjudicator in Michaeljohn Construction Ltd v Golledge and others, an enforcement case involving the trustees of a rugby club. I was also the adjudicator in Stubbs Rich v WH Tolley & Son Ltd, one of the first cases regarding adjudicator’s fees. Both cases are referred to in Construction Adjudication by HH Judge Peter Coulson QC.

I am a member of the Adjudication Society.

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