Christopher Smart

Consultant architect and dispute resolution practitioner

Christopher Smart is a Chartered Architect who combines dispute resolution work with architectural practice.

Positioned to serve you

Based in Bath, I am a consultant architect readily accessible to London, the Midlands, the Southwest and South Wales. Couple this with my experience of a wide range of building projects from small scale domestic to large commercial, there is no-one better placed to assist you if you have a building dispute that needs resolving.

Knowledge that is second to none

I provide troubleshooting and due diligence advice to clients, contractors and consultants on live projects where a second opinion or an impartial opinion is needed to resolve and/or move forward the difficulties that can sometimes arise during a building project. Regular contact with other consultants ensures that I keep up to date with current practice, and that I am best placed to serve you.

Experience counts

Utilising 25 years of architectural practice together with 12 years of dispute resolution experience in my work as a Chartered ArchitectChartered ArbitratorRegistered Adjudicator and Accredited Expert I am well experienced to help you with your dispute.


Get in touch

If I can help you with your building projects then please get in touch, alternatively see how I have helped other clients through the examples given.